Monday, May 2, 2016

Water Damage Restoration in Bergen County NJ

Big storms can cause big problems to the structure and safety of your home. Once water enters your basement or space, it can damage upholstery, walls, furniture, and ceilings. Likewise, sitting moisture can create odors and mold spores, causing safety concerns to those living or using the basement or flooded space. After flooding occurs, ensure your property's safety with complete water damage restoration in Bergen County NJ.

Flood Damage NJ provides affordable water damage restoration in Bergen County NJ to homeowners and commercial property owners. Our specialists are aware of the signs of water damage - both visible and lurking behind walls, using our years of experience to extract any mold, restore carpets and hardwood floors, rebuild water damaged areas, and complete all carpentry and wood finishing repairs. We are your source for total water damage restoration services, restoring the safety and appearance of water damaged areas without delay!

Below, we'll take a look at some signs of water damage to look out for.

  • Discoloration: Do you notice darker areas in walls? Streaks running down the side of your home? Discoloration gives you indication of water's presence and should be investigated immediately.
  • Odor: You've probably smelled dampness before, its odor very distinct. When you smell a strange odor in your home, you are probably experiencing symptoms of water damage. Likewise, the smell of mold or mildew is indication that you need professional water damage restoration in Bergen County NJ. Removing all mold spores is critical to ensuring your safety and well-being.
  • Puddles: An obvious sign, but an important one none-the-less. Pooled puddles of water can wreak havoc on your home, causing structural damage as well as impacting walls and floors. When you see puddles, they need to be taken care of without delay.
  • Shape-Shifting Walls and Floors: Affected by water, your walls and floors might begin bloating, expanding, or warping. Cracking or bubbling paint is also indication of a water leak. If your wall is spongy, call us for emergency water damage restoration in Bergen County NJ. In homes where minor damage is occurring, cracking paint may be the only indication that a problem exists.
When you notice any of the mentioned symptoms, it is important that you call us for expert service, available 24 hours a day.

For more information about water damage restoration in Bergen County NJ, call Flood Damage NJ at (800) 398-9007.


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