Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tips to Help With A Burst Pipe

In these freezing conditions and blistering wind chills, protecting yourself from the elements is necessary for survival. Safeguarding your home should the next step in ensuring you make it through the winter. With older homes, or if temperatures dip low enough, pipes may burst and cause a multitude of headaches and repairs. A lack of running water is the most obvious danger. This can interfere with standard health conditions and be addressed immediately. When a pipe freezes it is at increased potential to burst. Once the actual water in the pipe freezes, pressure is created between the closet faucet and the blockage point.
Take these steps if a pipe bursts in your home:
  • Collect water from the leak in a bucket to prevent further damages to your floors. If the ceiling is starting to bulge, pierce the plaster in several spots to alleviate the swelling.
  • Turn off your home's water main.
  • DO NOT touch any electrical wiring or switches near the leak, even if you think they're safe. If in doubt, turn off your home's electricity temporarily.
  • If the water coming from the pipe is warm or hot, turn off your hot water valve.
  • Once you have taken these steps, call a professional plumber in your area that can ensure the pipe is repaired correctly.

The cleanup from a burst pipe can be more of a headache than when the pipe actually bursts. Luckily there are professionals that are experienced in dealing with burst pipe cleanup in Bergen County. Water Damage Restoration is a team of knowledgeable water damage restoration technicians that are available 24 hours a day.

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