Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't let deadly mold ruin your dream home

In 2001, the Porath family of Foresthill, California watched their dream house burn to the ground. After the entire family suffered from years of health problems, and put themselves in thousands of dollars of debt to try to figure out what was wrong, one doctor finally suggested that they have their house checked for mold.

The doctor was right. The family’s health problems that included chronic respiratory problems, reoccurring nose bleeds and other health ailments were caused by a toxic mold called Stachybotrys that thrives in damp areas.

For the Porath’s, it would have cost them at least 70,000 to pay for the mold to be removed, so instead, they burnt their house to the ground. The Porath’s lost everything – clothes, valuables, memories and the home they thought they could continue to create a family in.

The example of the Porath family is an unfortunate one that you don’t want to happen to you, your family or your home. Make sure to have your house checked for mold after water damage happens in your house. Having a professional restore your house after a flood or leak is the best preventative measure for mold, because if everything is completely dry, then mold does not have the opportunity to grow and spread.

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